Turtle Power

Friday, May 04, 2007

The Golden Girls

Lauren Graham carries Alexis Bledel off into the sunset.

Just yesterday, Stone Groove remarked that this week's Gilmore Girls episode was much better than the rest of the season. I have been remarking all year that this season should be the last. The show was getting painful to watch.

So, this morning at breakfast, Stone Groove looked at the paper, and started to moan. It appears that this season will be the last for the Gilmore Girls.

I say good riddance. While I count Gilmore Girls among my favorite shows, it has just been so bad this year. Season 6 was not great either.

Only two new episodes left! All I have to say is that Rory better not marry Logan on the series finale.

But, I am sad to see it go.

I don't know why Stone Groove is complaining. We are only 10 episodes in on season 2, so by my calculations, he still has about 100 episodes that he has never seen before.

Gilmore Girls-Where you lead, I will follow- to DVD. Thanks for the memories.

Oh, and on the subject of TV--did anyone watch the two hour Grey's Anatomy/pilot for Kate Walsh's spin-off last night? It was truly awful.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Not so happy to be left-handed right now.